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Fall 2017 Top 16 Rankings*

NameTeam NameDivisionRanking PCT
"Sammy Mac" WohlfordThe Wohlf PackTuesday1.833
Chris "C-Bo" Boyd The Wohlf PackTuesday1.509
Greg FieldsTaterheadsTuesday1.480
Tim Walker, JrBloomingdale BombersMonday1.383
Rusty CoxDamage Inc.Tuesday1.300
Rick GraczykThe Wohlf PackTuesday1.300
Les CogerUnemployed Porn StarsMonday1.257
Ed TempleDamage Inc.Tuesday1.180
Sidney SalyerBloomingdale BombersMonday1.175
Pork Chop TannerLegion of DoomMonday1.163
Romo LightTaterheadsTuesday1.120
Ronnie MyersRollin' StonedTuesday1.120
Daniel "Fathead" RussellDeucesMonday1.120
Pete RileyTaterheadsTuesday1.110
Chris BlandLoyal SotzMonday1.043
Jamie NorwoodWasted CricketsTuesday1.025

NameTeam NameDivisionRanking PCT
Deirdre KolesariWinking TigersMonday1.000
Lindsay MarshallLoyal SotzMonday0.871
Lora TaylorSmokey & The BanditsMonday0.860
Michelle ChaffinBig Orange SmokiesTuesday0.850
Becky PriceScreaming EaglesMonday0.800
Jennifer Robinson Rollin' StonedTuesday0.800
Missy "Love" GlennBig Orange SmokiesTuesday0.725
Annette EstesSlightly FlightlyMonday0.635
Joyelle EvanchoTreblemakersMonday0.616
Jen HickmanWinking TigersMonday0.600
BJ LongSmokey & The BanditsMonday0.555
Christina EstepSmokey & The BanditsMonday0.495
Barb MentgenWasted CricketsTuesday0.490
Amanda BlankenshipThe Grateful DartsMonday0.470
Christal LewisSlightly FlightlyMonday0.470
Tonya MartinBad HabitsTuesday0.470

Announcements & Reminders
High In/Out Shots for Fall 2016 Season

High In
  • 138 - Joe Lankford(Deuces)
High Out
  • 158 - Jeff Williams(Fire N The Hole)

Please call or text Greg the Hi In and High Out shots.
Please Note: High In is only for 601 DI/DO and 1001 DI/DO.
Upcoming Matches
Monday September 25, 2017 (Week 3)
Mavericks @ Slightly Flightly
Treblemakers @ Loyal Sotz
Screaming Eagles @ Jeckyl & Hyde
Unemployed Porn Stars @ The Grateful Darts
Bloomingdale Bombers @ State Street Straddlers
Legion of Doom @ Deuces
A Hokie & 6 Smokey's @ Smokey & The Bandits
Winking Tigers - BYE
Tuesday September 26, 2017 (Week 3)
Training Wheels @ Rollin' Stoned
Bad Habits @ Wirehuggers
The Wolfe's Den @ Big Orange Smokies
The Wohlf Pack @ Damage Inc.
Red-Eyed Renegades @ Taterheads
One Time!!! @ Wasted Crickets
Hitmen @ Fire N The Hole
Ruthless Crew - BYE