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Fall 2017 Top 16 Rankings*

NameTeam NameDivisionRanking PCT
Chris "C-Bo" Boyd The Wohlf PackTuesday1.438
"Sammy Mac" WohlfordThe Wohlf PackTuesday1.394
Greg FieldsTaterheadsTuesday1.237
Tim Walker, JrBloomingdale BombersMonday1.210
Pete RileyTaterheadsTuesday1.203
James HowingtonTreblemakersMonday1.200
Daniel "Fathead" RussellDeucesMonday1.176
Romo LightTaterheadsTuesday1.124
Derik SmithThe Wohlf PackTuesday1.102
Darrell McCoySmokey & The BanditsMonday1.060
Tracy RafalowskiTaterheadsTuesday1.006
Dave ManningWinking TigersMonday1.000
Leon "Shalit" BrimmRollin' StonedTuesday0.957
Harold Bishop, Jr.Red-Eyed RenegadesTuesday0.950
Allen ClyburnWasted CricketsTuesday0.937
Brandon LeabDamage Inc.Tuesday0.910

NameTeam NameDivisionRanking PCT
Shelly KetronTaterheadsTuesday0.767
Laurie CassellWirehuggersTuesday0.675
Tabetha KramerSmokey & The BanditsMonday0.669
Lindsay MarshallLoyal SotzMonday0.652
Michelle ChaffinBig Orange SmokiesTuesday0.630
Ginny "Hero" TownsendWirehuggersTuesday0.627
Jennifer Robinson Rollin' StonedTuesday0.625
Missy "Love" GlennBig Orange SmokiesTuesday0.584
Becky PriceScreaming EaglesMonday0.564
Tonya MartinBad HabitsTuesday0.542
BJ LongSmokey & The BanditsMonday0.535
Charlotte MannThe Wolfe's DenTuesday0.533
Barb MentgenWasted CricketsTuesday0.526
Jen HickmanWinking TigersMonday0.525
Lora TaylorSmokey & The BanditsMonday0.523
Annette EstesSlightly FlightlyMonday0.521

Announcements & Reminders
High In/Out Shots for Fall 2016 Season

High In
  • 138 - Joe Lankford(Deuces)
High Out
  • 158 - Jeff Williams(Fire N The Hole)

Please call or text Greg the Hi In and High Out shots.
Please Note: High In is only for 601 DI/DO and 1001 DI/DO.
Upcoming Matches
No Matches are currently scheduled